Thursday, October 11, 2007


Poking through the analytics software for this site, I discovered some of the keywords that are bringing people to this site:
(Idea for this post stolen mercilessly from Minor Tweaks)
The number one search that people find this site from:
"chicken tattoo". Other tattoo related queries: "tattoo of chicken", "small and cute tattoo", "tattoo chicken"
Not that odd, right? I posted a piece of mine called "Chicken Tattoo" not that long ago.
Also, there are plenty of "small" phrased key words:
"small bobs" (Um? Or did you forget a vowel? Also: AHEM.)
"small chicken project"
"small dogs from the dubois petshop"
"small pictures of a cat, rat, bat"
"small poem +shoe"
"smallest art work in the world" (probably something by this guy)
Now here is where it gets a little weird:
"I feel statements" (I feel...itchy. I feel...a little peckish.)
"+cow+blank book" (have we ever had a cow on this site? We totally should. Did you notice how now we are freely using the editorial "we"?)
"baking assignments"
"Cuteable blogger a guy"
"Hare's breath away expression" (Right here!)
The Most Disturbing Search Award certainly goes to: "injured dog paws" (also found: "injured dog pictures", "picture of an injured dog", "pictures of injured dogs", "picture of injured dog") You post a photo once... and it will come back to haunt you in multiple ways.
"labels with hydrogenated vegetable oil"
"pictures showing frustration"
"weird things that conduct electricity"

Personal favorites:
"win a cool pet" (Amazingly, this domain name does not appear to be taken. Shocking, huh?)
"cool chick craft show" (I want in!! Where is it?)

So, there you have it. What weird keywords are people using to find your site? Please share!


Sonja said...

I got hits from someone googling "Sonja strange."
Unusual, yes, but surprising? Not really. ;)

Claire said...

Interesting! The internet is a strange place...


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