Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Daily Photo Project Marches On! Celebrating 100 photos!!

Last night, I posted what turned out to be the 100th Daily Photo! Hooray! That's almost a THIRD of a year. Sort of a big deal for me. It has been very tricky...sticking with a daily type project, remembering to actually do the daily type project... It's getting done, but very imperfectly. The part of that last sentance I am focusing on is the "it's getting done" part. There are ups and downs- parts where it ceases being fun, and other parts where it suddenly is fun again. It's good to know that it can swing back around like that! Here are a few picks from the last week:

Daily photo 8.27.07
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This one's from yesterday. A brand new softie in a koala track suit perches on my ancient sewing machine.

Daily Photo? 8.26.07 A
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I couldn't choose which one of these would be the Daily Photo, so I just had A and B parts. (It's not her dinner- it's her treat jar. And yes, she got a treat immediatley after I shot the photo.)

Daily Photo? 8.26.07 B
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As always, click on the pictures to see a larger version.
p.s.: Softies Central featured my Sammy in San Francisco photo!


Amy C Evans said...

What a milestone! Congratulations. I could never keep up with taking a photo each and every day.

And I love the second pug pic--the scale makes me laugh ;)

Felicia said...

Love the treat jar picture!


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