Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bits. Also, bobs.

Here's a little peek at what yesterday was like:

Daily Photo 8.22.07
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(click to see a larger version)
I tried something new-ish: painting on little blocks chopped from 2 x 4s. Super cute robots seemed like the best subject matter.
Here's a close up on the Chick Bot block.

Chick Bot
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Manic/ Depressive bracelet set
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And, here's something I made a few weeks ago but am only getting around to photographing now: Mental Disorder Bracelets. This is the only one I intended to sell as a 'set'. Other bracelets: OCD, Germaphobe, Paranoid, Procrastinator...Once you get started, it's quite difficult to stop making them. This is my last stab at making jewelry (at least for now).

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Felicia said...

Those painted blocks turned out pretty neat!


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