Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chaos? Frustration? Overwhelmed? Must be show time again...

Daily Photo 8.08.07
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Hey, yeah, it is! I'll be at the Midtown Boutique Sidewalk Sales next weekend in front of Cool Cat Gallery. (Sacramento)
I'll also be at Handmade Parade in October.
Anyway, all the crazyness is making me question something. And that question is "Do I really still need to make jewelry?" I came to this question after a particularly frustrating piece had me nearly banging my head on the table. Not that I actually was. All the head banging would mess up all the tiny beads lined up just so.
A brisk walk after this little meltdown got me thinking. Do I actually enjoy creating jewelry any more?
The answer came almost instantly, and it wasn't all driven by frustration, "NO." I'd rather be painting, or creating a little plushie. Those things (mostly) calm me down and make me happy.
Why not just leave the jewelry making to the people who actually enjoy making the jewelry?
The funny thing is, I used to really enjoy making jewelry. My first stab towards an artsy-craftsy business was making jewelry. I'm not sure what changed, and it's certainly not a slight to all the fantastic jewlery makers out there, but it's just not for me anymore.
It's time to clean off my work table.


mushroommeadows said...

Yeah, I go through phases all the time. Don't get rid of your jewelry stuff though because you might find yourself just wanting to make some bling in the future.

Amy C Evans said...

Agreed. Don't get rid of your supplies just yet but know that moving on from the jewelry-making means you're growing in other areas. Now paint and sew to your heart's content!

Claire said...

Thanks guys!
I've learned the hard way to not actually get rid of supplies...
It always comes back to bite me!


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