Friday, July 13, 2007

Not at all symbolic of how I feel right now

Brace yourself for linky linky goodness! Prepare your clicking finger...annnnnnnd...go!

Daily photo 7.12.07
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The softie in progress above is for a Plush Team project- plush self portraits! I'll keep you posted on that- they should all be up on the 18th.
Also, the darling Marmee Craft has featured one of my paintings. But you shouldn't go to her blog for that; no, you should go because her banner features a rabbit and a squirrel holding hands. I should also mention that she has some truly wonderful things in her shop.
Also also: The ever fascinating Amy of Made in Mississippi has opened an Etsy shop! Please go visit and show her some love- she's got amazing prints there.


Amy C Evans said...

Hey! Thanks for the etsy plug!!!! And the comment on MIM, btw ;)

mushroommeadows said...

hehe I like the picture of her in pieces...or rather you in pieces. :)

~Stella said...

Cool feature with MarmeeCraft! That's my favorite painting of yours!


Felicia said...

I saw some pictures of you and your booth on Flickr from you weekend craft show. How was it?


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