Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dear Japan,

Please send me one of these.
They must be very precise creatures. Here's a gem from the bottom of the page:

"eat a larch tree bark

bite off a twig at 10 cm point from the tip

drop a brown old bud, eat only the bark skillfully

leave the white core like a needle"

It's almost haiku!
From the Atelier Momonga homepage:
"It is also claimed to be the true identity of the TENGU (long-nosed goblins)said to live in the mountains." MYSTERIOUS.
Check out this guy on Flickr:
He's training a momonga to do his bidding!

(Also: if you mouse over the momonga on the index page, it will fly around. Just thought you should know.)


Sonja said...

He sounds delightful!

Kari said...

holy snot. those things are the cutest ever.


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