Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One a day

Orange portrait
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I keep running across groups on Flickr full of people devoted to taking one photo a day. Every day. For a whole year. I am seriously intruiged.
A self portrait a day. A dog photo a day. A shoe portrait a day. A random shot of something interesting in your life...every. day.
I think I have mentioned before how tricky it is for me to do anything daily- if not, or if you missed it: "It's hard for me to do anything on a daily basis."
I take photographs fairly often, but probably not every day- at least, not conciously so.
Think of the benefits- you'd be training your eyes, your photographic talents, and anytime you're forced to NOTICE things, you are stocking your brain with images to use in other creative endevors. You'd have a visual chronicle of your life for a whole year. Plus, you'd take more intereting photos- if you're taking them every day, then some of them have to be interesting. Also, it would force you to look at your life, to be concious and to look for what's interesting there. To go outside more.
For every possible backside, I see a positive.
I guess the only question left is when to begin?
Has anyone else done this? Did you like it? How was it? Any suggestions?

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Lauri said...

Awww! I love your doggy!


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