Wednesday, April 4, 2007

When suddenly...

I believe in the unexpected. Often, the way out of a problem is a solution you can't see yet. Things happen. People unexpectedly invite you to concerts you really want to go to. A check appears out of thin air (er, the mail). Usually, the unexpected is for good.
And sometimes...
it smacks into the back of your Honda as you take off from work, putting a pinch into your afternoon.
Or it refuses to play your brand new video game, refuses to play all your video games, and in fact, is broken.
It makes my heart swell with gratitude that the kinks in my week have been so minor and fixable!
As far as the painting, this is the previously mentioned "Staunch Character in a Sea of Leaves".
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Amy C Evans said...

No, YOU'VE been busy, my dear. Love this painting of Little Edie. Love her. Love Grey Gardens. Love that you called this pic "Staunch Character in a Sea of Leaves" on Flickr. Wonderful, all of it.

Felicia said...

She's wonderful. One of the things that I collect are portraits. One day I want to have a wall of nothing but folks that I don't know but that have an intriguing look about them. Your character is very expressive.


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