Monday, April 2, 2007

Note to the writers of Gilmore Girls- I've got your ending

We don't have tv reception. We don't have cable, or satellite, and we like it that way.
I have to confess- we chain watch episodes of the Gilmore Girls. We borrow them from my mom- she has the box sets of all the seasons. And we(notice, I am sticking with the 'we'- it is not just I who does this) watch them again and again.
And now, I have dreamed the very last minute of the very last show of the very last season. Yes- I have DREAMED THE ENDING OF THE GILMORE GIRLS. Current writers of the show, are you taking note? Because this could save you some time.
Ready? Have you watched up to at least season six? Good. I'm ready to spoil it all for you now.
It is about 20 years in the future. We see an older Rory exit the foyer of a large, nice house. Then, we see an older Logan exit the building after her. They head towards a fancy S.U.V. In the backseat is Lorelai. In the front seat, ready to drive is a girl who looks just like Rory did when she was young. It is their daughter.
Of course, this is way more satisfying and gives far more closure than any actual t.v. show ending possibly would. Or maybe I'm just bitter because I've seen a few other beloved shows end very disappointingly.
So, now that I've exposed my complete and utter nerdyness, here's a photo for you.

See? Asymmetrical. Is it even cuter now?
Originally uploaded by chicken widget.

More on Flickr. It was a sewing weekend. (Special thanks to June!) Also, a lunch bag was fashioned. You should really visit and see.


Sonja said...

Haha. We also don't have TV reception (and mostly like it that way) and I'm a little addicted to GG. I'm disappointed in the most recent season as well, but I'm determined to see it through to the final finale. Could you dream that dream again to find out about Luke, if you don't mind? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

Sonja said...

Oops! Wrong google account. Sorry!

Felicia said...

Hey, that sounds like a pretty good ending. The only thing I'd change is to ditch Logan. The Gilmore Girls have always been about the girls regardless of the guys. And hey, does it really matter what guy they end up with? ;)

Your little creature is adorable!

Claire said...

I'd change things too, if I was writing it. This is just what my subconcious came up with.
What happens to Luke? I don't know, but I bet he winds up with Anna!


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