Friday, April 13, 2007

Inspiration in pint sizes

Elise #2
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I don't rely on inspiration to strike to get started working. It seems like I get 'inspired' after I start the work, not before. But, every one in awhile, I see something that really does inspire me to get into the studio.
This is based on one of those rare sightings.
At Trader Joe's, I spotted the most amazing sight. A very little girl, sporting a huge pointy hat, speckled with glued on bits of tissue paper. This hat was nearly as tall as she was. But, oh, the colors. The bright blue hat matched her eyes and her wee outfit. She had white blond hair, and it was all just so visually PERFECT! I wanted to scream for not having my camera on me. (All the time this happens. I really need some little purse camera.) I had found a real life muse!
And so- Elise paintings. Based on real events, which are then twisted around with liberty. More on Flickr, as usual.

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