Monday, April 16, 2007

Illustration Friday for 4/13/07- "Fortune"

Dan: "Why does he look so surprised and horrified?"
Me: "Because he just found a FORTUNE. In that piggy bank."
Dan: "Ok..."
Me: "And the bank isn't necessarily his. He just, you know, realized the fortune within it."
Dan: "Right."

Illustration done with colored pencils, just for a change.


MiKa Art said...

Ha ha! I used to have the piggy bank just like that but it was always almost empty.

platinum blonde said...

great illustration!!

i used to have a piggy bank like this, but it wasn't ceramic so you didn't have to break it to get into it...the money was accessible from the bottom (BAAD IDEA!) my dad used to take money out of it and say "your old dad is just BORROWING" i'm sure he used the small change for his frequent vending machine trips at work. to his credit, he did replenish my bank, but his frequent "BORROWING" didn't really help me SAVE and like Mika, it got to the point where my piggy bank was almost always empty and my dad was left to "BORROW" from my mom's purse (he hated going to the ATM). :( :( so sad!


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