Friday, March 9, 2007

Something to keep my kitchen frosting coated

I still can't bake worth the flour and eggs and...stuff that goes into what I bake, but I found the Cupcake Blog...and, oh! Let me wax poetic about cupcakes for a spell-
They're just the right size. Or, you know, you could have two, becuase they are just so small and cute. They're way better looking than most cakes. They seem to turn out better, and they make people smile more. Nobody gets intimidated by a cupcake. Cupcakes are fun. "Oh boy, cupcakes!" How many times have you heard that? You can decorate them, and becuase they're small, this seems more do-able. Man, I love cupcakes.
This week's baking-ish project wasn't actually baking at all. And I don't actually have week by week baking assignments, because that would involve sticking to a routine. Right. Well, anyway, I made rice krispy treats for the first time since middle school. I found an unopened, recently-ish purchased bag of mini marshmellows in with some art supplies, and it really seemed like a good idea. Of course, you will need to use margarine, which will shave five years off your life and slam your arteries right shut, but such a threat has never stopped me before. (I wound up using some manner of non-hydrogenated vegtable oil margarine like substance, which smelled foul but worked just fine.)
So, long ramble short, they turned out quite well, people liked them, and marshmellow is sticky.

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Amy C Evans said...

Wait, you found a bag of mini-marshmellows in with some art supplies? Good girl! And you don't have to tell me twice about the goodness of cupcakes. They are a brilliant combination of cake, icing, style, and portability. There's really nothing better. Except, maybe, for a fried pie.

Thanks for the post on MIM, Miss Claire. Visit again becasue I finally thought of a 6th thing. It's in the comments section

Have a great weekend!


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