Friday, March 30, 2007


The photo I want to upload is "Staunch Character in a Sea of Leaves". But- due to reasons*, I didn't edit it at all. It's still the monster sized original, and it is uncropped. So, perhaps it's for the best that I can't upload it to Blogger. Or Flickr. Why is the internet being so mean to me today?
Anyway- Staunch Character in a Sea of Leaves. A portrait. Hopefully I'll have it up and ready to share really soon(you know, in a few days).
So instead, here's an older painting that has no name and sits atop our dresser, with the cat bank standing guard.
Things I keep replaying:

-"Unhand me, I'm just a lamb."
Sung to the tune of a Shins song ('untie me, I've set no bounds'-not the title, just the part it corresponds to) that I don't know the name of. Sung by Dan, while getting ready for work. He has a genius for twisting song lyrics into things that I find cute.

-My dream for last night where I can't decide whether to bring a Nikon D40 or the trusty D50 with me on a trip to an amusement park. ("The D40 is lighter...but it might not take as nice photos...The D50 is trustworthy, but so heavy...Aw, I never take that many photos in amusement parks anyway...) It went on and on and on.

*The new (to us)Legend of Zelda for Game Cube- 'The Twilight Princess'

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Felicia said...

That's a terrific little painting. I love all the colors.


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