Friday, March 2, 2007

ellen and the brave new chicken

ellen and the brave new chicken
Originally uploaded by Amy Rice.

Today, I feel like a brave new chicken. I have always been a chicken. Chickeny chick chick chicken when it comes to sharing my work. But I am actively trying to change that now. I sent out some emails about sharing my work, and they came back. People actually replied! And they weren't even laughing hysterically! I don't want to spill any details yet, becuase, you know...things fall apart sometimes.
But anyway, I saw this great painting in theFlickr group I started, Chicken Art, and it just seemed completley apropos. It's by Amy Rice, and she makes many other fantastic paintings.
Today, I am that brave new chicken. Big wings, not really soaring, but, you know, I can jump to the top of the fence, no problem. Woo! I mean, Cluck!

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