Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This was supposed to have made it to the blog yesterday...

A photo of the Japanese curry I was cooking. "We're on the very edge of vegetarianism!" Oh, I was witty as I cooked the dubious curry. "An update of what we eat before we've even eaten it! Fantastic!" Yesterday was a very productive, blurry day. These things happen.
Anyway, the curry turned out surprisingly good for something out of a box. Japanese curry is sort of hit and miss...But then, we're sort of curry snobs. Don't get me started on curry powder. You will find yourself at the wrong end of a lecture about authenticity and the diversity among Indian curries and blah blah blah.
Soon, there will be more photos of new creations up. (cats have been made) And soon, the Etsy shop will be up. I am inching towards it as we speak...ever so cautiously, so as not to scare it off...(it would probably be up already but for a looong nap that simply had to be taken yesterday, so as not to die.)
Meanwhile, enjoy the low-res photo of the box the curry came out of, directly below this post. If you're going to cook Japanese curry out of a box, I recommend this kind. Has that medium-authentic o.k. Japanese restaurant taste. Please note, 'medium hot' apparently means nothing. It's not even a little hot. You'll need to add your own favorite spiciness medium.

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