Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Annual Spring Freak Out

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Spring is definitely my favorite time of year. But it's also one of a few times of the year when I realize that I am getting older, and that there's nothing I can do to stop the downhill skid. This is my special time of year to worry about mediocrity. And also, to eat Cadbury eggs. It's a good time of year.
So, in keeping with that, I have decided to take the reigns of my life ever more tightly in hand, and...make a 5 week grocery list plan. Is that exciting or what? It's actually phase one of a as yet unlimited phase plan of GETTING ON TRACK. Getting on track to where, I'm not really sure, but so help me I AM GETTING ON THAT TRACK. I also considered making a detailed list of everything that needs to be cleaned and or maintained in our home, and then to set up a schedule for cleaning and/or maintaining it, but by then my resolve started to weaken, and I realized that the house is clean enough, things are working well enough in that department. (My current plan- clean like a crazed neat freak, but only when people come to visit. It seems to work.)
{{{Eeep! Did I really just write all that about CLEANING and COOKING? ART BLOG, ART BLOG! Remember?}}}
So, we named the birds. The bird featured above is Blinken, due to his squeezing his eyes shut slightly more often than the other two. I'll let you guess the rest of the names.
Tomorrow's a painting day, so hopefully I'll have something fun to show you soon!

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Felicia said...

He's a cutie pie. Are the others named Winken and Nod? :)


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