Monday, March 26, 2007

Art heroes

Incongrous photo? Check. Has nothing to do with post? Yes. But I like it.

Because sometimes it is necessary to cook in pearls and high heels.
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You know it when you see their work. Jaw drops to floor, pain in the chest because, oh, my gosh, the talent and you want to just weep when you think of your own work. Weak in the knees. But it speaks to you on some level, and somehow holds out a glimmer of hope that, hey, maybe someday, I’ll be good too. And in the meantime, you just enjoy what they’ve done.
So, here are a few of my art heroes-

Sara Varon- bringing together cuteness, occasional poignancy, and lovely drawings of chickens.

Emily Martin- Great paintings with a slightly dark air AND she runs a successful shop!

Danny Gregory- because he got me drawing again, and his book keeps me drawing

Rama Hughes- taking comic inspired art to fantastic new heights

Craig Thompson- taking comics to a new height- and oh, my gosh, the lines- swoon!

So I want to know- who are your art heroes, and why, if you can find some words. And please include a link, if at all possible.


Felicia said...

Pearls and high heels oh my! LOL

Chickengirl said...

I am big fan of Sara Varon too. I met her at a party and we had a good discussion on why chickens are the coolest..heheh! Her art is wonderful.

And I love comics and I have Blankets by Craig Thompson!


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