Sunday, February 4, 2007

You make me feel like dancin'- Those red tights tuck into black cowboy boots, by the way...

Taken at the Rhythm & Motion show in Paradise.

This is what dragged me out of the house and out till 2 am on Saturday: the Paradise Dancers present Rhythm & Motion 5! Cousin N was one of said dancers, so how could I miss this? Attempting to pull everyone together for a family reunion- next to impossible. Attempting to pull them together to see one of our own, dancing? On stage? In front of hundreds? OK! Let me clear my calendar. Nearly all the family showed up, no little thing.
I really, really, enjoyed this. Cousin N appeared in 4 dances- he was Lipschitz in the Cell Block Tango (which completely brought down the house). And can he take a slap well! He gets knocked flat on his back in one of the western numbers. Also, he did the knee test in a 1920’s number. He is fantastic.
**NOTE**- Cousin N is NOT the guy in red tights. REPEAT, he is not the guy in red tights!! That guy was from the Hotel California number. Lip synching. Awesome.
One guy had an amazing mane of big curly blond hair. He looked exactly like Little John from Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Also, he was Little John during the Men in Tights number.
Other highlights: white guy with a massive, natural fro, young guy with a fantastic, less huge fro, and an entire choreographed number based on A Night at the Roxbury. Oh! And a 1920’s dance “The Peabody” done to Ween’s Fancy Pants. Oh my gosh.
Also: I am now spoiled for life. 2nd row, center, is the only way to see a live performance. (Kudos to Auntie P!)

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