Friday, February 16, 2007


Yesterday was a bad art day. I didn't create anything that I liked. Ugh. I guess such days must happen. Tuesday was a great art day- made plenty of things I liked. Hopefully the next time I get to sit down, things will do smoother. I'm working on a series of paintings of girls in party dresses. My new idea is to do things in sets of twelve, to give some vague sense of coherence to my body of work. This is really challenging for me- I usually like to create one thing and then just scamper off to the next random idea. Hopefully by working on several different media projects at once, I can combat the boredom.
So yesterday, I painted two girls in party dresses- one turned out OK except for a few technical issues involving hands and polka dots. (Photos are supposed to be here with this post but the stupid mac book cd drive is giving me FITS and I have a whole disk of NOTHING. GRR. Photos later.) And the other had some paint issues (chunky Golden paint? It's not that old!! Wait, yes it is. Darn.) and quickly went down hill from there. Oh, what a day.
So I consoled myself by making a nice dinner, which actually turned out. Phew. It's nice to know I can still do something well.
Oh, and I uploaded a bunch of new pictures to Flickr. Mostly pugs with tounges sticking out. Go and visit, won't you?

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