Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good stuff.

A few things making me smile lately:

A reader sent in a photo of the toy quilt she made with my tutorial. (Hi, Jenny!) Yay!

James Kochalka perfectly captures the inner struggle of the artist-about-the-internet, yet again:
Oh good grief, do I know where he's coming from.

Speaking of great comics, check out this one by Gemma Correll:
the seal of approval


jenny said...

hi! :)

i made some other things...just doodling around with my scraps and it reminded me of you--at least, it reminded me of you when i look through your little window here on the blog :)

I made what I thought was a bookmark, but it actually is a cat toy (now). It's pretty cool. I was trimming some blocks and chatting with a friend and I started taking that little pile of threads & shreds of fabric that piles up, and I just collected it into a ball and started hand-sewing it till I didn't feel like sewing anymore. It turned into a ball of string & thread with a piece of yarn attached with a little sewn shaping at the any event, it was fun, and I like seeing it around on the floor and stuff, "I made that....there I am....right there on the floor" is what I think when I see it.

This stuff is so fun. I also came into some scraps the other day and made a legitimate bookmark...with a button and a micro-flying-goose block no less!

I do miss knitting and crocheting though-it isn't a wonder that I sat there and unraveled a project I was nearly half-way done with. Changed my mind on the design....and/or I just felt like touching the yarn :) to enjoy the rest of my day here now, got some sourdough bread in the works....first time with my very own yeast culture (sourdough starter) so we'll see!

Claire said...

Oh, cool. Sounds like you've been busy! That's so cool that you made your very own sourdough starter. I've always wanted to try that, but I'm a pretty lousy baker. :)


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